16 years together with you!

Our goal remains the same: providing the complete, unique and effective veterinary care for your pets.

To realize your expectations keeping up with the achievements in modern veterinary medicine.

Let us take care for the health of you pets, from the smallest age to their old age.

ZOOVET CENTAR is a veterinary clinic, which since its establishment till now, guarantees expertise, kindness and professional service.


My Sarka has always been lively, so I feel obliged, on her behalf, to thank you for Your patience and the services You provided for her... I would like to point out to all Your future patients that the care for their pet's health and the love given, which You provide, are the most important components of their life. P.S. My dog is a part of my life. If I take it for granted and don`t know to preserve it, it is as if I had stopped caring for my own life... Eva Vaisik

I've had the honour and the opportunity to meet the Zoovet Center's staff, and I was extremely satisfied with the treatment of my pets Lord, Tose, Boni, Ace and Wendy, each of who have either had a surgical intervention, medical treatmnet or grooming. I felt and witnessed that they do their job with lgreat ove towards the pets and a high level of PROFESSIONALISM, also taking time to make us, the pet owners, feel welcome- many thanks and greetings to the team! Saska Petrusevska.

Best Regards from Paco and many thanks for the swift solution of the great and unpleasant health problem. Ina Gavrilova.

Many thanks for the professionalism, understanding and humanity you showed in nurturing and treating our pets. Lidija and Saso Zorba

The care for the health of the pet is a great responsibility and every pet deserves to be healthy and taken care of by real professionals. We are happy that the Zoovet – Center has fulfilled our expectations in terms of their great professionalism and dedication to the health of our loved pet, and also their great help and useful advice. Elizabeta Ancevska

Dear, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the professionalism and expertise, especially for the understanding and the humanitarian approach in treating our Boni and Lana. Best regards and all the best. Suzana Karapancevska

Many thanks to ZOOVET CENTAR for their professionalism and advice. We love you and we are very thankful. Anzelika and Sara Hot

Congratulations on the new location … lots of success and more satisfied clients! I forgot to mention and more and joyful and happy pets! With your help of course. Kostantin Firev