About Zoovet-Center

years together with you!
Our goal remains the same: providing the complete, unique and effective veterinary care for your pets.
To realize your expectations keeping up with the achievements in modern veterinary medicine.
Let us take care for the health of you pets, from the smallest age to their old age.
ZOOVET CENTAR is a veterinary clinic, which since its establishment till now, guarantees expertise, kindness and professional service.

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Our location


Choose healthy food for your pet according to your pets' weight


Provides dogs with exclusive Health Nutrition answers to their needs, not only in terms of their size, age, physiological state and activity level, but also in terms of the specific sensitivities of each group of dogs : MINI, MEDIUM, MAXI and GIANT.

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Many thanks for the professionalism, understanding and humanity you showed in nurturing and treating our pets. Lidija and Saso Zorba

Many thanks to ZOOVET CENTAR for their professionalism and advice. We love you and we are very thankful. Anzelika and Sara Hot

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