Veterinary services

  • Diagnosis
  • Therapy
  • Surgery (sterilization, castration, removal of tumors)
  • Ultra sound: cleaning of dental calculus
  • Dental interventions
  • Dermatological diagnosis
  • Ultrasound diagnostic
  • Vaccination
  • Laboratory tests


Pet Hotel

Within the veterinary clinic Zoovet Center is included the Hotel for pets that is available throughout the year. We take care for your pet (food, walking, grooming), 24 hours supervision of a veterinary doctor, who controls the health, the nutrition and physical activity of the pet...


Pet Shop

  • Food from world famous brands
  • Healt Nutrution Diets of the brand Royal Canin
  • Veterinary diets
  • Vitamin products
  • Bones, dental bones, candy
  • Shampoos and cosmetics
  • Antiparasite ampoules and necklaces


Pets beautification

These are part of our services:

  • Bathing
  • Samaged and problematic hair care treatment
  • Medical treatment against fleas and ticks
  • Nail cutting
  • Ear cleaning
  • Clearance (extrusion) of anal glands